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Lead Dispatcher and Additional Dispatchers

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Lead Dispatcher and Additional Dispatchers

Lead Dispatcher
Full time, 40 hours/week, M-F
Provides essential dispatch communications. Responsible for maintaining effective and efficient communications between the dispatch center, EMS personnel, management, hospitals, nursing homes, patients and the public. The Lead Dispatcher also plays a vital role in upholding the mission, vision, values and customer service standards of Priority Medical.
Performs duties related to dispatcher, including:
·       Answering emergency and non-emergency telephone requests on a professional level.
·       Obtain/enter call information and dispatch assigned units to emergency and non-emergency situations.
·       Monitors assigned unit’s status, and relay information with on-duty personnel.
·       Records and maintains information on all incoming requests for transports including any quoted prices.
·       Answers incoming calls and provides information for telephone inquiries.
·       Schedule all standby requests, compose/send contracts and invoices.
·       Help with day to day office duties as needed.
·       Proficient with the use of iMac computers, Excel, Word and standard office equipment.
·       Hire, schedule and motivate dispatch team.
Must have the ability to:
·       Communicate effectively – written and verbal in English.
·       Maintain confidentiality of records and information. 
·       Effectively multitask by listening, talking and typing at the same time.
·       Track multiple transports and the crews status simultaneously, conduct follow-up as necessary.
·       Performs all other duties and responsibilities as assigned or directed by management.

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"Great experience during a stressful time. Thank you to Trev for taking great care of our son in the back while we were being transported to Omaha Children's Hospital in December. You helped me remain calm when all I wanted to do was freak out. Thank you to the driver (I think it was Tyler) for driving and getting us there safely."

~ Christina B.

"During a very very scary time, you transported my husband and were able to keep me calm the whole way. You transported him 2 times before he passed away, but each time you were so caring and supportive of the most precious person, the love of my life. Thank you for the wonderful job. I am so grateful you were there with me. God bless you all! "

~ Lisa W.

""Thank You so much for the wonderful care you gave Steve & making the transfer go smoothly from Eldorado Nursing Home in Trenton to W Memorial Extended Care Unit in E CO. You were both so wonderful! We'll never forget you! You kept Steve so comfortable and got him to his destination so he could be back in his hometown. Steve passed away on July 22nd peacefully. Thank You Again! ""

~ Love, Carol Y., Lola D., & Heather E. & family

""Thank you for the wonderful job you did transporting my mom, Florence B. to Colorado from Nebraska. She told me what great care you took of her & I appreciated you staying in contact with me, even through tornado weather!""

~ Karen S.

"Dear Mr. Thompson, I'm sorry that I don't remember your first name, but I do remember how kind you were to me as we traveled across the state with Del. I thought I had my head on straight but I think I was in shock. I know my mouth ran nonstop & I didn't realize it until I got out! Thank you so much for all you do to make N.P. & surrounding areas a safe & inviting place to live.....Thanks again & God bless you & your partners who watched Del in the back.""

~ Sincerely, Del & Joyce R.

""Priority Medical Team, I cannot put into words how thankful I am for the service you have provided to the North Platte Community over the last couple of months. I have definitely provided some complex transportation needs, & you have always done your best to accommodate the patient's needs. I have heard from numerous nurses how pleasant the crew members are when picking up our patients. Thank you so much for facilitating our ambulance needs!""

~ Sincerely, Lauren M., Case Management

"Hi Dr. Smith, One of your NP crews transported a patient for us last night and I wanted to thank them. I did not catch all of the names but know Carlos and Erin were two of the three. They drove to our facility under terrible weather conditions, they were calm, professional, and kind. They took a critical patient, and her daughter to Kearney in the same terrible weather conditions. Please let them know we appreciated them and prayed for their safety. Thanks for what you do!"

~ Shelly A. Director of Acute Care Nursing Services, Melham Medical Center

"I just had to make sure a message was sent about the AMAZING care that was taken to transport my daughter, Haley, from Hastings OVERNIGHT ALL THE WAY to Gillette Children's Hospital in Minnesota the night of Sept. 21 and the morning of Sept. 22. Ben, Mitchell, and Jonas were THE BEST crew I could have asked for to take us there. My daughter had a very scary and LONG day with violent, involuntary tremors and her Rett team wanted to admit her in MN. I knew I couldn't take her there myself as I usually do with her condition as bad as it was. My nerves were frazzled after all day in the ER and Haley was one worn out young girl; and these three gentlemen put both of us at ease. They were kind, compassionate, and very thorough in making sure her every need was being met the whole 7.5 hours there!! I am beyond grateful for being able to ride along. I would have been a mess driving behind wondering and worrying about what she was going through. I only wish all ambulance companies were as compassionate as Priority and these three gentlemen were. No ambulance ride is fun so when you have a crew like this it makes everything so much more manageable. Please make sure to get a message to their boss and to them about just how grateful I am for all that they did. Thank you so very much! "

~ Sincerely, Jacy H., mom to Haley

"Hi Dr. Smith, One of your NP crews transported a patient for us last night and I wanted to thank them. I did not catch all of the names but know Carlos and Erin were two of the three. They drove to our facility under terrible weather conditions, they were calm, professional and kind. They took a critical patient, and her daughter, to Kearney in the same terrible weather conditions. Please let them know we appreciated them (and prayed for their safety). Thanks for what you do! "

~ Sally A., Director of Acute Care Nursing Services Melham Medical Center

"Priority Medical Compliments & Thank You’s To the McCook Priority Team- Thank you for transporting my Dad, Norman H. from Cambridge to Kearney. The Care given to him was greatly appreciated. Being an EMT myself, I value good care given to the patients. Thanks again, "

~ Kristi J., EMT Sutherland Rescue

"Happy New Year to you both!! Just heard from some staff how well Priority has been doing, and how glad we are to have them in town “so nice to know they are here”. I agree. J Hope you are both having a nice day. "

~ Julie W., RN BSN, Director of Emergency/Mother Baby Services Community Hospital

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